Duke's news

Summer 2018

Hello Friends,

I am very excited about my new weekly streaming radio show! It's on The Blues Alley radio which is part of the Scorpion Radio network. It is also archived so all individual shows can be accessed anytime HERE.

It's all music directly from my masive 78 collection. We remove most of the unwanted noise like pops and crackle but keep all the music in tact the way it really sounded originally.

The music ranges from early hot jazz to 20s and 30s pop, swing, big band, blues, gospel, musical comedy, novelty, roots of country and more.

Anything on 78 between the years of 1920 and 1960 when 78s were the format for records.

I would like to give a tip to all my guitar playing friends about an amplifier I am currently using.

The the company is Louis Electric out of Bergenfield N.J.

The owner, Louis Rosano makes amazing sounding custom amps based on the early Fender tweed 40 and 80 watt twins with several speaker configurations.

Mine is called "The Duke" and its a killer!!! Its got an Eminence 12" Tonker and a 10" Delta Demon speaker and the amp produces tones as fat and sweet as you could ever dream up! Lots of sustain with warm yet bright tone that you just cant get out of most modern amps. Maybe its because they hand build and wind their own transformers.

Or maybe because they use only the best components available and hand wire each amp with care and precision. It could have something to do with the beautiful 100 year old solid pine cabinet with only a stain on it to increase its tonal potential. Or maybe its that Lou tweeks each amp to what you specificly want with exacting skill to get the sound you want at the volume you play at to give you just the right breakup when you want it.

Until now I thought custom "boutique" amps were nonsense until I got my Louis Electric amp. If you've searched and you can't find you're sound, you owe it to yourself to check out Louis electric amps at www.louisamps.com.


Master archtop guitar builder James W. Murphy has build a masterpiece for Duke that Duke describes as "The best archtop I have ever owned!"

It is now equipped with a 1967 model 1100 DeArmond pickup to give it the most classic of warm jazz tones, "gorgeous sound from gorgeous wood is the way I think of my Duke model archtop." Check out James work at his website.